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Is Your Roof Showing Signs of Wind Damage?

Call a roofing technician in Middletown & Bear, DE to fix it

Have you noticed missing or wrinkled shingles on your roof? Even the strongest roofs aren't safe from gales. If you suspect your roof may have sustained wind damage, call MOT Roofing LLC today.

We'll assess the damage to your roof and perform any repairs. Don't wait-call our office in Middletown, DE today. Wind damage poses a serious threat to your roof that a professional roofing service can neutralize.

Don't let a storm damage your roof

Has a storm compromised your roof? Common signs of storm damage include:

Missing shingles: Strong winds can tear shingles from your roof, leaving bare spots behind.
Cracked shingles: Hail is strong enough to crack asphalt shingles, weakening your roof's protection.
Missing fascia or soffit: Wind, hail and debris can break through your home's protective fascia and soffit.

If you see storm damage, call MOT Roofing in Middletown, DE immediately 302-598-9717 .