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New roof installations in Middletown, Odessa, Townsend & Bear, DE

It's no secret that, with regular maintenance and periodic inspections, you can ensure you get the most life out of your roof. But there will come a day when it needs to be replaced. If you're facing the prospect of having a new roof installed, call MOT Roofing LLC. As professional roofing contractors with more than 20 years of experience, we can help you decide on your best course of action. We'll also provide you with an ironclad workmanship warranty.

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4 Signs you may need a new roof

Don't wait until your roof starts leaking to call a professional roofer. Here are four signs you need to call MOT Roofing LLC today to schedule your roof replacement:
  1. Age - the typical asphalt shingle roof lasts anywhere from 20 to 25 years
  2. Curling shingles - shingles that no longer lay flat are past their prime
  3. Missing shingles - shingles can dislodge due to storms or age
  4. Soft spots - these are a sign of weakening in your roof boards

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